An Overview of “The Mad Hatter”

Alice in Wonderland is a literary classic that still manages to fascinate current audiences despite being accustomed to cutting edge video games and realistic CGI. It has also given a rich environment for the development of themed slot machines in the gambling industry. White Rabbit is arguably the best contemporary example of a work using an Alice subject, but they do appear occasionally. The Wild Hatter from Red Tiger is the most recent game to take players on a fantastical journey in the vein of the CS Lewis tale.

This beautifully illustrated slot machine uses a couple of borrowed characters to populate its fantastic setting. The Mad Hatter, now recast as the Wild Hatter, takes center stage. His moniker gives an excellent hint as to the gameplay elements that will be available. Those are coming up shortly; for now, let’s set the stage. It’s fantastic, and it begins with a kaleidoscopic dreamscape on which the game’s pay table is displayed as soon as the game loads. The Wild Hatter is the main attraction. Red Tiger seems to have modeled him after Johnny Depp’s character Tarrant Hightopp from the Tim Burton/James Robin flicks, right down to the flowing red hair. When you press the play button, a beautiful scene of Wonderland appears in the background of the game.

A golden castle glistens in the background, and the 5×4 grid is surrounded by enormous, towering mushrooms. The Red Tiger art team can produce stunning pictures when they put their minds to it. It’s a good first step, but first impressions don’t always last. Bets can be placed between 10 p/c each spin and $100/€100, giving players a wide range from which to choose when getting the tea party began. For that, they get a hit rate of 4/5, which seems a little high compared to the win rate that really occurred during testing, and an RTP just below 95.79%. Red Tiger’s rating of 5/5 for volatility indicates a difficult time getting through the main game due to the focus on a single element.

The ornately adorned grid contains 30 paylines for winning combos of 3 or more matching symbols to land. To do so, you get 10 standard pay symbols in total, split into 5 high and 5 low payments. The low stakes are dazzling 10-A card royals that are tastefully adorned to match the verdant setting. The high-paying scenes incorporate elements from the Alice story for dramatic effect. A chessboard knight is at the bottom, followed by a teapot, a colorful top hat, an antique clock, and finally a crazed-eyed Cheshire cat peering down at the players. If you get five cats in a row, you’ll receive 10 times your wager. Because of how this function works, any kind of pay sign can be used to completely fill the grid.

Summary of “The Wild Hatter”

There isn’t much in the way of extras, with only a Wild Respin function to break up the monotony and add some spice. The action begins with the Wild Hatter tile, whose primary function is to act as a wildcard and replace any other symbol. When the Wild Hatter appears, it will lock a specific sort of symbol and award a respin. The re-spin guarantees that only more locked symbols will show. If any of these icons stop spinning, another spin will be awarded and they will remain fixed in place.

During a respin, the locked tiles are upgraded to a higher paying symbol if more wild symbols land. During the respin function, up to three additional Wild Hatters can appear.

When extra symbols appear during respins, the multiplier for subsequent respin opportunities increases by 1. As you’d guess, this multiplier begins the feature at x1. Once the grid is full of symbols or no more appear, the winnings are calculated and handed out, and the game returns to its base state.

The Wild Hatter slot, designed by Red Tiger, is a very appealing game. Its stunning aesthetics, however, can’t make up for the rest of its flaws. Since there is no bonus game to look forward to, playing The Wild Hatter can get boring after a while. The occasional wild respin win is nice, but the Mad Hatter needs to drink a lot of tea before he can shower lucky players with stacks of cash.

When the grid fills up during a respin, that is a possibility, and the multiplier is very welcome. The Wild Hatter isn’t a particularly high-paying slot machine, though. The game isn’t as crazy as the name suggests, with a maximum payout of about 3,300 times the initial wager. As a slot machine inspired by Wonderland, it is no match for White Rabbit’s zaniness and eccentricity. White Rabbit’s extra game may be difficult to activate, but at least it’s there.

It’s a shame that The Wild Hatter is so feature-poor, because the game world is well-designed and the environments are lovely. Only having one to disrupt the norm and increase your chances of victory is a major letdown. The Wild Hatter’s suggestion might have been more intriguing with at least one extra element, such as a random base game modifier. Well, at least the appearance of The Wild Hatter insignia helps break up the routine of the game’s main mode. Then again, it sort of has to, as this game only has one feature to provide in the way of entertainment for its patrons.






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